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Legal operations professionals play an important role in the success of corporate legal services – and their responsibilities continue to grow. Whether you are a legal specialist or a director, you will find something valuable on these websites. Stand out from the thousands of lawyers looking for a job. Learn best practices and tips for using your online presence to attract legal recruiters. LawSites founder Robert Ambrogi is known for his previous roles as editor of the National Law Journal and LexBlog. He shares his knowledge as an expert in legal technology and interviews legal technology leaders about new products and trends. We also recommend activating LawNext, Ambrogi`s companion podcast featuring legal innovators and entrepreneurs. As a lawyer, you have a wide choice when it comes to legal blogs. What you may not have is plenty of time to find the best ones. We`re here to help.

You can search the dictionary by legal term or by definition, so you can easily find what you are looking for. We are the world`s leading provider of cloud-based legal software. With Clio`s accessible and affordable solutions, lawyers can manage and grow their law firms more efficiently, cost-effectively and with better client experiences. We`re redefining the way lawyers run their practices by equipping them with essential tools to manage their law firms securely from any device, anywhere. Gone are the days when you could only learn by dragging yourself through long law books. Legal blogs offer quick and educational content that is perfect for a morning coffee break or commute break. Whether you`re looking for the latest updates on a court case or tips and tricks to build your internal career, there`s most likely a legal blogger who`s written on the subject. Do you know enough legal terms to succeed in your law studies? Take our quiz to find out! What makes it unique: The mastermind behind the legal blog Lawsites, Robert Ambrogi, is a lawyer, journalist, and media consultant.

It is well known and highly appreciated in the legal industry. His cherished career and experience fuel his coverage of all the things that influence the legaltech world. I hope you found this article insightful and plan to use most, if not all, of these sites at some point. They have certainly benefited me in the past. Dan Ernst, a law professor at Georgetown, and Karen Tani, a law professor at Penn, run this interesting blog on the history of law, from the history of legal education to the history of the legal system. Check out their “Weekend Summaries” for a full list of the latest legal history news and webinars. Much of the legal content is exclusively for law firm lawyers, making it difficult for business consultants to find resources that go directly to internal issues and topics. That`s exactly what these top-notch blogs do, offering practical advice and the latest legal news from businesses. Here are some other articles to help you during your law studies: Law360`s corporate blog contains the latest legal news and analysis on topics that affect business consultants and the companies they work for. Common topics include regulation, law enforcement, litigation, legislation, and governance.

You can subscribe to their newsletter to receive the latest messages directly in your inbox. One section I found particularly useful was the Cases tab, where I could search for a case from a conference and immediately find a brief summary of the facts, decision, and legal principle. I wouldn`t trust this site as it can be quite simple, but it will help you master the course at first. The news informs everything we do. Stay up to date on current events in the world of law by reading these best legal blogs that focus on current and evolving news. What makes it unique: We may be biased, but as a leading provider of cloud-based technology solutions, including legal practice management software, we feel like we have a bit of the upper hand when it comes to keeping our audience informed about LPM best practices. is a holistic legal website. It includes news, rankings, reports and strategies for everything related to legal practice. Of course, as a law student, it`s not just about absorbing new knowledge and mastering the difficulties of student life. You should also keep abreast of current events in the legal field.

Without context, not all hard-earned knowledge will mean much. LexBlog has a legal blogging community of over 30,000 blog publishers worldwide. Undoubtedly one of the best legal blogs, one could point to their early debut in the game as the reason for their success and the trust of readers. CEO and founder Kevin O`Keefe saw a need for legal blogs 16 years ago, and LexBlog is still trusted by both old and new readers. This loyalty speaks volumes about LexBlogs` commitment to providing world-class legal news. Small business law is remarkably well regarded in the blogosphere, and Law 4 Small Business is one of the best outlets of its kind. If you`re dealing with small businesses, this blog is a must-read, providing real-world coverage and legal advice on the latest cases for small businesses. Think as your complete legal journal. Here you will find current legal histories and commentary from experts in all areas of law. It also has many useful tools, such as judgment search, legal dictionary and CLE center. While many law firm blogs focus solely on their own ads and areas of legal expertise, others offer an impressive collection of legal content. In these best law firm blogs, you can discover expert opinions, legal research papers, and even news about trends.

These litigation blogs will help you stay on your A-game with the latest news on legal actions and expert advice in court. JURIST is a public service project led by more than 80 law students in 30 law schools on five continents. Under the guidance of professional staff and academic direction, the authors provide commentary on emerging issues in the legal world. Composed almost exclusively of libertarian, conservative or centrist law professors, The Volokh Conspiracy offers a range of opinions on American criminal law. Come here if you want to explore different perspectives on current legal topics.

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