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Who are the richest eSports stars and how much money have they earned? And how have they made a fortune in the game so far? Astralis was at the forefront of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene in every way. The team has four major tournaments, three ESL Pro League titles and a host of other accomplishments to its credit. Of course, the team has long been at the top of the eSports revenue tables in terms of revenue from the prize pool. Bugha`s dominant performance by the Sentinels at the Fortnite World Cup led the player to eSports supremacy in 2019, earning a staggering $3 million. That`s going to change depends on how fast Valorant grows and how its eSports scene takes over time. At present, it is developing in the same way as CSGO, where there are few barriers to entry for tournament organizers and eSports organizations. Once Valorant has passed a certain point, there`s a good chance the riot will raise barriers to entry and create a league-based system similar to that of League of Legends. These numbers are calculated based on revenue from several high-profile eSports games, including Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Overwatch, and others. The Overwatch League (OWL) offers salaries ranging from $50,000 to $5 million, depending on how well players perform and whether they help get more of the prize pool.

It`s possible. Esports is a career that requires very difficult skills that are narrowly targeted and cannot be applied outside of a particular game that may or may not exist in the next few years. Thousands of people around the world are successful in becoming eSports professionals, but there are never any guarantees. The end result probably looks at it at the top or near the top of the best eSports revenues. Unfortunately, an accurate estimate of one`s net worth cannot be reliably made. Perhaps the biggest surprise is that Fortnite, despite being the “name” video game of 2018, isn`t about to appear at the top of high-income tournament games. In fact, by far the most lucrative game is Dota and its variants. Dota2, in particular, seems to be the place where the most money is found these days.

Dota 2 is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) video game played in games between two teams of five players each, each team occupying and defending its own separate base on the map. Each player independently controls a powerful character, his “hero”, who has a unique ability and a different style of play. However, in the meantime, Dota 2 players who are already playing at the highest level of the game can expect to be well paid and win several million prize pools. Sure, the competition is fierce and beating OG or Team Liquid can be a challenge in itself, but there`s a lot of talent in esports today and especially in Dota 2, so don`t do it beyond the new faces to reach the top of the winning eSports table shortly. Epic Games wanted to establish Fortnite eSports as a big deal by throwing tens of millions of dollars at the Fortnite World Cup 2019. The biggest winner of this event was solo champion Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf. Bitcoin eSports bets are on the rise. The idea of placing bets on your favorite eSports teams is an experiment.

GH was a loyal liquid of the team, but it wasn`t so much the organization that involved him, but his teammates. Of course, when everyone decided to make a bold fresh start, GH was on board, and while he has yet to reach his revenue with Team Nigma, he is still one of the most successful eSports players with the highest revenue ever recorded in 2021. This makes it a bit difficult to determine exactly who the richest and highest-paid esports players are. How much an eSports player earns is a question that has long excited aspiring eSports athletes. Today, we take the ten highest paid eSports players in the world and focus on them. In addition to listing their net worth, we will give brief details about how they started their careers and what game made them rich. Don`t be surprised to discover that Dota 2 seems to be the game that brings the biggest dividends. But if you`re in its shoes, its Warcraft III has only been a resounding success, and it`s a fantastic example of how niche esports works. Subtract any statistic, and Johan Sundstein will always be at the top when you look at the highest winnings a player has won in their esports career as the main criterion.

N0tail, known by his nickname, is still active on the esports scene and captain of OG, one of the most successful Dota 2 teams, which made waves in the world of competition almost immediately after its inception in 2015. A partially unpleasant truth about earning a salary in esports is that the game you choose can determine whether you succeed or not. A simple example is Heroes of the Storm. Although the game was dismissed as not quite worth it by fans of League of Legends and Dota 2, many players embraced it and made their way to the top. Of course, the highest paid players in esports are Dota 2 players. According to Esports Earnings, the top 31 earners are all but one Dota player. Johan Sundstein, better known by his nickname N0tail, amassed a total of $6,983,817.80 in total winnings, an exceptional record. The only exception to the list is Fortnite world champion Kyle Giersdorf, who pocketed $3,173,461.

If you want to be a paid professional player, you need to focus on joining good eSports teams. However, to differentiate yourself, you need to use skills in a particular game of your choice in order to be drafted. Today, we look at the earning potential of eSports players, what determines the potential salary and whether a player can count on a sustainable income over the years. The best organizations treat eSports as a job, just as athletes treat sports as a job. For this reason, getting into professional esports is a challenge. Earning $5,000 a month is certainly a great incentive to keep improving, but getting there can be a bit of a bottom-up battle. Ninja reportedly received a $30 million payment from Microsoft to terminate its mixing contract when the studio closed. That alone probably makes him claim a lot more than anyone else in esports, but he adds a number of lucrative sponsorships, brand deals, and appearances, on top of the money he made on Twitch before and after Mixer.

On paper, TI8`s profit added more than $2 million to N0tail`s bank account, while TI9 added more than $3 million. This check from TI9 is currently the largest single-player payment for an eSports tournament performance. N0tail`s career prize pool earnings stand at nearly $7 million at the time of writing. KuroKy played against some of the biggest competitive teams, including Natus Vincere, Team Secret and Team Liquid, all of whom won The International. However, since 2019, KoroKy and his former TL teammate MinD_Contorl have formed their own team – Nigma, along with other TL teammates. In 2016, Xyp9x told HLTV that he earned a salary of $9,000 per month, which would be more than $100,000 per year. This number has likely increased several times due to the inflated CSGO eSports market. Cloud9 recently announced the signing of Alex “ALEX” McMeekin, revealing that his salary is worth $550,000 per year. There is a good chance that Astralis team members will earn a lot more these days.

Amer “Miracle” Barqawi, a teammate of KuroKy, is one of the most profitable Dota 2 and eSports players. He earned a large part of his fortune with Team Liquid and in direct collaboration with KuroKy, which is why he too decided to start again with Nigma. He was part of Team Liquid when they won The International in 2017. In 2022, eSports stars will hardly depend on money. While professional gamers were still fighting for tiny sums of money and peripherals about a decade ago, today`s players at the highest level are fighting for millions of dollars every year.

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