Can Epson L565 Scan Legal Size

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This looks like a settings conflict between your computer and your printer. Make sure they are set for the same paper. If you “it prints the same as the file I formatted it as.” set up the document as a “legal” paper document, it will try to print it as such. Change the format of the document in your app and try it out. The problem lies in the machine itself. It does not have a letter size in copy mode. only A4, A5 and Legal. Therefore, I cannot use a letter size for the two-sided copy. same problem.

I tried to do everything, including what you said, but it only prints A4 format and letter not legally. Trying to match everything from the paper layout and printer properties is not possible because the only choice is Letter and A4. I can customize the paper setting in custom, which is 8.5″ x13″, but when I adjust the printing properties, it cannot be adjusted even using advanced settings. My L565 simply can`t copy directly from the printer. Same problem, paper size, although there are already A4 papers in the tray. I can`t print a legal size with the L565 with my printer. The legal size is not displayed in the printer properties, how do I add it? Is there a way to solve this problem, or is this printer really reserved for these 2 sizes? I tried “Lettersize| to print 8.50 x 11” in this printer, but it continues to reset and mess up the edge. But when I tried to print in “Legal Size” and “A4”, it prints in the same way as the file I formatted. I`ve tried everything, but it just doesn`t print the same thing. I checked the printer`s display menu and found that only the “Legal” and “A4” sizes are available.

(I tried using Epson L360 and it prints well) Do we really need to change the paper set every time we change the paper size to L565? Is there a way to automatically copy the paper configuration set in our PC? Here is a link, select the operating system that suits your situation. A4, A5, A6, B5, C6 (envelope), DL (envelope), n° 10 (envelope), Letter, 10 x 15 cm, 13 x 18cm, 16:9, Custom, Legal. So it`s not the printer that limits that. Are you using the correct Epson L565 drivers for your specific computer operating system or, for example, in the case of Windows, are you using generic Windows drivers for your printer? Elaine Liis of the L565 is able to print on the following paper sizes: Same problem here. I tried what you suggest, but it is still only printed in A4.

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